December 04, 2018

If you are a new to the automotive car scene you may not know much about a shop called Bee*R. In 1990, a man named Kiyonori Imai opened Bee*R up for business in Setagaya, Tokyo. They specialised in mainly tuning GTR's and in 1991 they built an R32 to compete in Japan's N1 Endurance series. This was the beginning of their growth into drag racing and as most of us know drifting. 
I was lucky enough to be able to take a trip out to Bee*R and explore the grounds. We arrived at around 6pm and the lighting was not the best for photos but I made do! 
As I walked through I saw some of the classics. Check out this R32/R34. Bee*R used a R32 shell here and made a kit body kit that made it into aggressive looking R34 it is today. This car entered D1 in Japan in 2005 and is what put Bee*R on the world stage. Check out the battle scars!
It is not foreign ground for Bee*r to be building vehicles that have more then meet the eye. At first glance I thought this was a R35 GTR upon further inspection I realised that this was actually an 180sx. It was a Frankenstein of the workshop. It's heart was a 2JZ pushing out 540hp the shell was a 180sx and the body was a R35 GTR, how crazy!!!
Hiding under a large plastic tarp was a cool looking 86 (Hachi Roku). We really wanted to unravel it and see what was lurking under the bonnet. 
Check out all these trophies in the showroom. Bee*R were one of the greatest in Motorsports throughout the early 00's.
This place was a tick off my bucket list, it was amazing seeing cars that shaped how I viewed Motorsports and upgrading. 
Thank you  Kiyonori for letting me by to take photos of the shop!
- Giorgio x 


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