November 28, 2018

Ebisu circuit in Japan. Where do I even start? Anyone that has had an interest in drifting knows about Ebisu Circuit in Japan. This insane drifting complex has seven full size drifting tracks & an extra 2 skid pans. You can spend months at Ebisu perfecting the skill of drifting! 
The Autumn Drift Matsuri attracted people from around the world! Check out this BMW. These guys drove all the way from Germany 9,000km across Russia and got a ferry over to Japan. The car still has the Euro plates on it :O 
Not only is this place one of the craziest racetracks in the world it is also a Zoo. 
Because Ebsiu attracts people from around the world they have to be stored somewhere. Powervehicles is the go to for any cars/parts at Ebisu circuit and they give you the ability to store your car at Ebsiu for $50 a month. Around each racetrack you will see cars scattered waiting to be beaten on. 
Some cars are in better condition than others.
The others...
If it still drives straight, why not? 
As I was drifting this event I was unable to get many action shots. I got a few minutes Saturday afternoon to watch a bunch of legends throwing down on North Course. I bet you have seen some crazy videos from here.
Our friend Joel shredding his 180sx! Check out the Queensland number plate! So epic. 
We were told to head down to Higashi, it is a track with a 420m straight, this is where the partying happens.
Squad roll-out. 
Check out our boy Ricky's chaser! If you are interested in street drifting in Japan check him out on Instagram @ricky_the_trapstar.
You can not go to Ebisu without seeing Alexi (Noriyaro) it is his second home in Japan! Super approachable guy and he is always up for a chat. I do also appreciate all the help for lending me tools to fix our whip! Thanks mate. 
The drift trains going down on Higashi were insane!!
Ebisu Circuit is a must do for any car enthusiasts visiting Japan. Get a hire car and take a drive out to this gem of a place. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for videos. 
Here is the address: 
1番地 Sawamatsukura, Nihonmatsu, Fukushima Prefecture 964-0088, Japan
- Giorgio x


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