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January 24, 2020 1 min read

On the 7th of December we decided throw a car meet with our mates @Wavybone.co. We created this car meet with the idea of uniting friends and enjoying super rad cars. We believe for our first ever event, we pulled it off! 
With an awesome selection of cars, from full blown track cars to old school cruisers. 
Check out @tyejeff's super rad @oaktreeoutlaws S13!
We really appreciate everyone that attended and made it a super rad event. Without the support we would not have been able to do it. 
Hayden & all the lads from @teamkamikaze came down with a few super obnoxious vehicles! We loved it 😍
@benbennygibson drove down his track car. THANK YOU FOR DAY REGO!
We love a stock body S15 and @mitchy_s15 has absolutely killed it with his. 
A few of the @teambasic lads also came down with their rad street cars. Styling is absolutely on point with @hodgiess rig! 
@timeattackpaul brought down his R34 GTR and goodness me what a unicorn. Let us know your favourite GTR in the comments below. 
@clubchoas also brought down a few rad cars. Check out this R31 😍😍
We have learnt a lot from our first meet and we can not wait for the next one. Stay tuned everyone because we have some juicy things in store for 2020!
Thank you @strstlkr for all the rad photos on the day! 

We have a wicked feature video of the event on our Youtube channel! Thank you @joybreakk for this - Check it out HERE

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