February 07, 2019 2 min read

Ever since we started FAF Automotive we have been a parts company all about the people. We want everyone we come across to have an unforgettable experience and not just look at FAF Automotive as a company selling parts, instead view us as a family of likeminded individuals.

We have come up with something a little bit special to give back to all of you motherFAFers. We want to help with your automotive build and give you the ability to fund it as well. Our new affiliate program will do just that. It will give you the opportunity to have a business selling car parts without all the hassles of owning a business! (Leave that to us!!)

The way it works is very simple. You join our monthly subscription program, we will give you a link that is unique to you. Each time you refer someone and they make a purchase using that unique link you will receive 50% of the profits. You think that is good? It gets better! If you refer someone to our program, we will give you a $25 store voucher! 

Here is the icing on the cake... you will not only make money with us, but the more you sell the cheaper the parts! You heard it right, the more customers & sales you bring to the table the better the price.

We aim to grow a community, car parts and automotive business and give EVERYONE the opportunity to make money and build their dream track or street car!

This business is for the people and run buy the people!

We also have some added bonus’ - for subscribers each month we will be giving away paid track days, free tyres and even cars STAY TUNED 😉 Come and join us and give it a red hot FAF’N go!

Click HERE to get started with our FAF'N Affiliate program! 

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