December 18, 2018 2 min read

For those of you who are into drifting, Meihan Sports Land is where some of the best drifters in the world have spent countless hours perfecting their skill. This is the home track of Naoki Nakamura and where he has learnt to be one of the greatest drifters the world has ever seen. 
Driving through the front gate I was gracefully surprised with a S13 that I knew belonged in Osaka, extremely bright full of stickers and ready for big entries on Meihan C Course. 
The car scene in Osaka boasts a strong S-chassis dominance, whereas in Tokyo you will see more four doors, chasers, laurels etc. In saying that the car park was absolutely littered with some of the greatest cars ever produced - the S-chassis...
It was so exciting to take a stroll through the pits and see what the Osaka drifting scene had to offer. We don't recommend getting under a car without jack stands but this man could not care less! 
Here is another Osaka car extremely bright and full of stickers! 
From a distance this S13 caught my eye, small wheels tyre marks on the door and a bad-ass paint job. I had to take a closer look!
The interior looked like it was straight out of a video game! More gauges than I could count on one hand, a little TV screen and 1000 + points of swagger this man knew how to S13. We lovedddd it! 
The owner was kind enough to show me around the car, he opened the bonnet and I was surprised to see a CA18DET. This car was packing 370ps under the bonnet. By far my favourite of the day. 
On the topic of things blowing my mind, check out this Nissan Micra or as our Japanese friends would call it Nissan March. This bad boy was SR20 & rear wheel drive swapped. It got our tick of approval. 
Check out how tucked the engine was! 
If you want to see this bad boy in action check it out here
Our friend Ryota was out shredding in his S14!
Even rocking a QLD plate. So cool!!!
This S15 looks to be a bit of a Meihan veteran from all the damage caused to the rear quarters! 
Check out these snaps I have of some of the cars shredding!
As you can imagine Japan is crazy, they really do not care what you do. Soo, I walked into the middle of the track and started snapping photos! 
This place is everything I expected and much more! Insane entries with no mechanical sympathy what so ever! We will be back here for sure!
We will also be uploading videos of our day at Meihan on our Youtube channel if you would like to check it out HERE!
If you are in Osaka and want to visit Meihan Sports Land here is the address:
1343-1 Kirihata, Yamazoe, Yamabe District, Nara Prefecture 630-2234, Japan
Much love 
Giorgio x


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