October 24, 2018 2 min read

When I visit a new racetrack, I'm legit like a kid in a candy store. Stepping onto the grounds of Nikko Circuit, I heard the blare of 4 cylinder 86's fanging it around making a ruckus, a faint smell of burning tyres fill my noise and a slight haze is covering the track. Ahhh, all of this combined makes me feel right at home.
In Japan, track events work a little differently to what we are used to in Aus. There are multiple sessions throughout the day and each session lasts for 10 minutes. The first session consisted of timed runs around the track, from there it went into the beginner drift class, then to intermediate and then finally pro. After these sessions was a competition between some of the craziest Hachi Roku's I have ever seen.
Style plays a big part in Japanese car culture, for these car enthusiasts it is an outlet to really show their wild side.
It was as if I had walked into Hachi Roku heaven, the car park was filled just with 86's and some of them were just out of this world...
Check out this beast... and it looked even better sliding around the track!
The structure of the day with different track sessions mean it's an epic place to hang out for the day with a bunch of mates, drift and talk shop. Japanese people work extremely hard and for some this social outing helps them escape their daily grind.
Check out this old school Corolla, I was blown away with how immaculate this drift car was.
The engine bay was so tidy. Check out these equal length headers!
These Japanese drivers really know how to drive, their drift skill was next level.
One of my favourite shot, thais car looked so epic.
A friend of mine was drifting this event in his JZX100 which is why we took the trip out. I spent the day taking it all in a got some wicked shots of the cars sliding...Check out his whip!
This time attack 86 really caught my eye as it had Mazda brake calipers on it...
I am constantly impressed by the level of respect the Japanese have for their cars, this car was immaculate!
In Japan drifting is not just for rear wheel drive cars check out this Honda Civic having a go.
It was an extremely entertaining day and I look forward to taking the FAF whip out on the track soon - stay tuned!

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Peace out x

- Giorgio

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