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October 14, 2019 3 min read

That feeling you get when you are a young kid and it is Christmas morning, is the same feeling I got being at Matsuri this year. The energy was high, and the cars were wicked. The time and effort put into all these vehicles just goes to show you how passionate these car owners are. Neil from QLD Raceway did an amazing job pulling off an event like this!

Over the weekend you are bound to see some good cars. The event is much more than cars drifting around a circuit for two days. It is an expression of people’s personalities and sheer determination to get to the track.

Car Make Revive is a group of lads that have got together with the passion for driving. Building simple cars that are not so simple. LS powered Silvia’s seem to be frowned upon for some reason, if it can get you driving your car and enjoying it with your mates….why not!? These boys put their cars together within a few weeks. A bet was placed between the lot of them, whoever finished their car first got to choose the colour they were all painted. 30 Litres of this unique yellow later Car Make Revive styling was born.

Check out our mate Lee’s R32 Skyline, as you may know these bad boys comes with a RB20DET which is a 6-cylinder 2 litre. Lee did not want any of that rubbish, so he decided to change it to an SR20. Some say that engine is more rubbish, it just comes down to a matter of perspective! Either way we love the car.

Anything on Blitz 03’s is voted 10/10 from us!

Early Saturday morning cars were getting bubble baths, there is nothing better than a clean vehicle for your weekend. Check out this juicy S14!

The ass shot of this beast is even better!

On the subject of juicy S14’s, Joel from Gravy Garage never ceases to amaze me. Changing the style of his S14 as often as he changes his underwear. We love it, every time the car just gets better and better!

What better transition to our boy Tye’s S13. Rocking the Oaktree Outlaw livery, it really makes the car stand out. No wonder why his car is insta famous! Powered by an SR20 with a spicy high mount with over 300hp, this car knows how to party.

I am unsure if you have noticed the Ford F-100 in the back of the photo above. You look at that expecting fresh hay in the back and a horse float attached. Not this one, this one likes to bring the ruckus! The car has soarer suspension all around (Independent rear) how crazy! Paired up with a turbo LS1 pushing around 700hp this thing sure knows how to bogey! Check out our Youtube channel for a walk around this bad boy -

Sticking true to his brand @schassis Damian brought up his S13 to show off. Risky business driving it like this on the street but we commend his effort. Looking forward to seeing the car complete and shredding!

At Matsuri you are most likely to spot something that is not a drift car and for it to be excellent. This R34 GTR was just that!

Building a drift car is much more then a vehicle that can go sideways around a bend, it is a reflection of the owner. This goes to show in Dylan’s S15, the gold & purple really set the tone. Like Mona Lisa, this unique design is a work of art.

When you hear the word Kamikaze you think of the crazy fighter pilots in Japan. In Australia it means that some insane driving is about to go down. The ‘TITAN’ truly lives up to its name, getting beaten on constantly and still being able to throw down, it just goes to show that Hayden the artist behind the beast knows how to build vehicles beyond what was ever dreamed of at the Nissan factory when this car was produced.

Short track is most certainly where the party happens. 250ish meters of full throttle into a box full of brick walls, it is where the champions are made and challenged. It is by far our favourite track to drive because it pushes your driving capabilities to another level.

Thank you, Neil, for putting on a great event for both drivers and spectators! We are looking forward to March Matsuri! If you would prefer to watch a video than take a look at our Youtube -


Have a great day!

- Giorgio

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