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September 16, 2019 3 min read

I was recently in Adelaide and spotted a car for sale on Facebook Marketplace... this was not just any car, if you're familiar with the Bond films, this was the car that debuted in Gold Finger, one of the greatest Bond movies made!

After a little searching, I found the legends at Richmonds were selling it! After seeing their array of cars on their Facebook, I decided it would be silly not to go and visit. Adelaide is a rather easy place to navigate with minimal driving time, a short 15 minute drive took me to the magical car world of Richmonds..

As I walked through the front door, I was greeted by 8m work table, but not like you expect, it included a highway barrier and guard rail. Fun fact, when they first poured the concrete the mold broke and concrete covered the floor. 

The space Richmonds now occupy, used to be occupied by a pool hall. They have integrated some of the suarve heritage including a chill out section in the showroom. Buying expensive cars is hard work. With a pool table and massive TV, it is the best place to shop till you drop! When I was visiting, racing from Goodwood was on.... ummm... what more do you want!? I might just need to drag my bed in and make myself comfortable....

The service at Richmonds was second to none, I was greeted as I entered by Martyn Fama. He was extremely accommodating, making me feel welcome and giving me a brief history of this wonderful establishment.

Richmonds showroom holds 65+ cars, roughly 30% are on consignment and the rest are the owners & his friends vehicles... boys and their expensive toys...

Check out this great view from the front door!


I really appreciated this line up... Japanese, English, German and Australian beasts all in one shot! 

As I strolled through, I was in awe of the vast array of luxury cars from all corners of the globe. Hiding in the darkness, I spotted a beauty... Godzilla was sitting nicely, just waiting for its new owner. This immaculate R32 GTR will most likely fetch 100K+!

This was the epic line up of cars! 

With this beautiful, array of cars I honestly could have been in there for hours admiring and appreciating the divine craftsmanship that each manufacturer went to building these incredible beasts.

I would be silly to go all the way to Richmonds without snapping a picture of the beast that sparked the fire for me to travel here! The Bond Aston Martin DB5. This bad boy is for buyers with deeep pockets at a cool $1,195,000. 

After snapping this beauty, I saw a great opportunity for another photo of a different angle of the amazing showroom. 

We almost had an Italian flag situation going on here, who has a green Ferrari!?The trifecta needs to be completed! The line up of cars most certainly makes for a nice picture!

If you are in Adelaide and have a chance to go to past Richmonds I highly recommend it. The service, professionalism and vehicles guarantee you a wonderful visit. 

They are located - 265 Richmond Road, Richmond SA 5033.



Thank you for the wonderful service Martyn, I will be back again soon to come say hello! 




- Giorgio 

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