October 29, 2018 2 min read

Japan is just full of surprises and day to day I continue to be blown away with the power of social media and how it brings this tight knit car community and people even closer. Damian from @schassis is a legend, if you do not follow him on insta (please) gtfo from the rock you have been hiding under and take a look at what he has built! Damian organised a car meet with TMK Works here in Japan. Our first meeting spot was a car park at the back of Yokohama and within 20 minutes of the meet starting the 200 space car park was full to the brim! Unfortunately the lighting was not the greatest but we were able to snap a couple of epic shots.
As the cars rolled in, one by one, my jaw just hit the floor.
How about a exhaust out of the fuel filler cap in a street car? ONLY IN JAPAN....
Check out this 15!
As I mentioned earlier, the car park filled up quickly and no more cars were allowed in, so we ended up moving to the craziest car park in the world... Umihotaru PA, in the middle of Tokyo Bay surrounded by ocean we were in for something special.
Luckily the lighting was better in this car park so we were able to snap some goodies.
I have discovered Japan has two sides to their car culture either you will find an extremely clean example of a Japanese classic or a street beater.
No headlights, no problem! At least it is still stylin' right?
This beautiful S15 was driven by a nice lady that had actually owned it since she was 20 years old. After 14 years this clean example of an S15 is what you see today.
What else can you say about this other than WOW! This car was so immaculate inside and out. The engine bay was tubbed and absolutely impeccable.
We all couldn't get enough!
Check out this beautiful 3 series shooting brake. We love witnessing so much pride, this owner even keeping it immaculate at 1:00am.
This S14 had more stickers on the back window than we could count. We love it!
Japanese really honour gifts from others and everyone that was given a sticker from Damien or myself would showcase it on their dash so everyone could see!
One word that is commonly used in Japan is 'Sugoi' the word translates to a few different things; Great, Amazing or WOW.
This Datsun could only be described with one word 'Sugoi'!!!
I would personally like to thank Damien from S-Chassis and Keita Tamura from TMK Works for an epic feast to the eyes and ears.
This meet truly showcased what Japan car culture is truly about. We are looking forward to the next one!
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- Giorgio x 

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