November 28, 2018 2 min read

I heard about STF Tuning through my friend Taka, he insisted we had to go visit the workshop. We are glad we took his advice because this place was like the tuning shop that you wish to spend your life in. The shop was the size of a small airport hanger and had cars littered around that made me feel like a kid in a candy shop.
I explored the grounds of STF and was blown away with the amount of vehicles. From fully built drift cars to cars being eaten alive by this earth.
Stepping inside was the game changer. Not only was there a spray booth but also an engine dyno. This was basically the one stop shop to make your car go from nay to yay!
Check out this R32 GTR that was just finishing up a respray. This bad boy has a built HKS head and makes a cool 600awhp. What makes things better this weapon is available to export. Crack open your piggy bank this gem needs a new home! Check it out here!! 
Walking around the workshop I noticed an abundance of stock parts that have been pulled out for performance upgrades. That is what we like to see! 
Maybe you have just busted your engine and want a replacement or maybe you want a fresh rebuild? STF has all your needs sorted. 
Where all the diffs go to die? 
I saw a brand new AMG GT sitting at the front and I was extremely curious what it was doing there. What i found out was that someone had crashed it and Mercedes offered it to STF for free! All they wanted was the motor & box. This thing had under 1,000km on the clock. A full tubed rear end and 2JZ will be gracing the presence of this Mercedes very soon. 
Check out a few gems we spotted around the yard!
STF had a incredible waiting room upstairs. Not only was there parts for you to peruse while you were waiting, but a big glass window was installed so you can keep an eye on your pride and joy! 
One of the greatest things about STF is they have a lot available for foreigners. Are you interested in driving a GTR or S15 anywhere in Japan? STF can organise you a rental.
Maybe you are a drifter, they have cars available for hire. All you have to do is turn up and shred tyres and they do the rest for you!! 
If you are a car enthusiast in Japan and want to get your modified I would not look any further then STF Tuning they are the one stop shop!
Check out their Facebook here -
They are located 
Address: 920-6, Kurihara, Zama, Kanagawa Prefecture 252-0013, Japan
- Giorgio x


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