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January 29, 2020 2 min read

When it comes to building wastegates there is only one company that knocks it out of the park! They changed the game in 2016 when they launched the Gen-V range, with their juicy new modular architecture; allowing a rotatable diaphragm housing, optional water cooling and the ability to swap actuators housings between gate sizes, ensuring Turbosmart had a gate, for every customer need, no matter the size, or control requirements. 

Turbosmart’s e-WG45 and e-WG60 give you all the flow & interchangeability of Turbosmart’s Gen-V range of External wastegates, with the kind of control never seen before. It is 2020, we have fully electric self driving cars...who said that car modification cannot be stepped up a level also. No need for compressed gas or boost hoses that is so 1990's. You can control how many horsey's you want by the button touch of your laptop. Welcome to the future ladies & gentleman. Independent of any reference signal, without the need for compressed gas or boost hoses and is fully adjustable from your tuning interface, no need for changing springs: Boost control is completely adjustable from your laptop.

Mechanically actuated wastegates are a thing of the past. When you want a meal you go on Uber Eats and enjoy your self a succulent meal without the hassles of cleaning the kitchen. Turbosmart was sure to maintain all the performance & reliability of the Gen-V range but has done an Elon Musk to give you infinite control. 

The Turbosmart e-WG operates on a current draw under 20amps while providing fast & efficient boost control against up to 80psi drive pressure (e-WG60) and over 120psi for the e-WG45. There is an on board rotary encoder for feedback & provision for optional water cooling

Availability: Early 2020

Sizing Options: e-WG45 (45mm) and e-WG60 (60mm)


TS-0553-1502  - Gen-V eWG45 Hyper-Gate Electronic Black

TS-0555-1502  - Gen-V eWG60 Power-Gate60 Electronic Black

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