November 04, 2018 3 min read

If you're anything like me and the car enthusiasts in Japan, we LOVE spending money on our cars, they are our pride and joy! If it means we don't buy new clothes or even skip lunch a few days to fund the addiction then so be it! There is a franchise in Japan called Up Garage, this is Superman's equivalent to kryptonite for car lovers. They sell new and used parts and take my word for it, it is like heaven on earth! You could spend hours (and a f$#k load of $$) in there mesmerised by what they offer. 
As I walk in, I am instantly blown away by an extremely rare DR 31 Skyline is sitting in the foyer in immaculate condition. 
As I work my way through the maze of parts, I feel a tear of happiness streaming down my face (just kidding, but seriously!)
Here are some heads for a VQ engine. 

Maybe you are after a whole engine? Gearbox perhaps? Up Garage has you covered for everything car related that you might possibly need. Keep in mind the majority of these parts are second hand so you are getting them for a steal!
Check out these brakes, they were massive!
Just a scattered shelf with cams, PBM Knuckles, 326 Power coilovers. Everything a drifter needs!

The deeper into the shop I got, the more I wanted to buy! You can basically build a car just by shopping here.... hmmm, could be good FAF project for our next Japan trip, what do you think??... vote in comments!
I could not believe the selection of coilovers. The craziest thing was the some of them started at $150AUD. 
Just around the corner was an array of exhaust systems / pipes.
You may be over your stock steering wheel and looking for an upgrade. . Here is a rack full of steering wheels and boss kits ready to be fitted right to your car.
In need of something that will blow your doors off? Check out the full range of sub-woofers, I'm telling you, this store is for everyone!
This whole aisle was just for lights. New, used and aftermarket. You can see why I said you can basically build a car from scratch! 
If you have done too much shopping there is even an area to sit down and relax or try your luck on their free racing simulators with Gran Turismo Sport! Plan to visit for a whole day as they have this place set up to make you not want to leave! 
This photo below doesn't quite do the Up Garage justice but just to give you a rough idea of the size of this shop.
Just as I was walking out thinking I have finished my automotive shopping spree for the day I laid my eyes on a wheel palace! A whole other section of Up Garage just dedicated to selling wheels and tyres!! 
Check out this collection! 
Up stairs where all the gems laid. Check out these 33 GTR wheels $350 for a pair! 
So many beauty's! 
After my second wind of shopping, I took a stroll to the car park to see if I could spot any more treasures...
If you are a car lover and visiting Japan, Up Garage is a MUST do! Just as I was, you will be blown away!
If you are after some overnight parts from Japan, follow this link

There are plenty of Up Garages scattered throughout Japan! The one we visited is at - 5 Chome-1-46 Tsuruma, Machida, Tokyo 194-0004.

Thank you for reading!

- Giorgio

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