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About KAAZ 

KAAZ USA is the sole importer for KAAZ products from Japan. Founded in the mid 1990’s, our primary objective is to provide American customers with a high-quality racing differential from Japan. In Japan, KAAZ originated in 1922 and since has become a very important manufacturing company through Asia and the rest of the world. KAAZ has helped major companies both automotive and non-automotive to achieve their desires in manufacturing quality parts.

The perpetual challenge of aiming for the top- KAAZ believes that this act becomes the mission of those involved in motorsports as well as the way to realizing one’s dreams. Based on a coherent system of design, development, manufacturing and sales, KAAZ delivers parts for motorsports and racing worldwide in an effort to help cars run faster and feel more comfortable. The quality of KAAZ lineup of products, developed from outstanding concepts and cutting-edge technology, far exceeds that of the competition. Our products are used in every racing field, both in Japan and overseas, and are highly praised from all directions. In the future, concept by KAAZ aims to clear the way for a new generation in motorsports.

Our success in the USA starts with a greatly engineered and produced product from Japan. Our technical customers service far surpasses any of our competitors. We aim to provide our customers with every aspect of professionalism during our operations. When professional teams need professional equipment and support they rely on KAAZ USA.


We will be slowing adding more products. If you have any special requests please email us at admin@fafauto.com.

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