About  Turbosmart

Turbosmart is an Australian manufacturer of aftermarket turbo products. Founded in Sydney, Australia, in 1997, Turbosmart’s commitment to engineering aftermarket Turbo accessories catering to all aspects of the tuning market from slight increases in OE performance to 2000HP+ big power builds have won them a legion of supporters all over the globe.

Why Should I Choose Turbosmart?

Whether you’re building a 2000HP drag car, a sub ten second street sleeper or simply looking to get the most out of your daily driven turbocharged vehicle, Turbosmart’s range of aftermarket turbo products has got something to suit your needs.

Turbosmart products have been designed to maximise performance without sacrificing reliability. Whether you’re tuning turbocharged, supercharged, four cylinders, six cylinders or eight cylinders, Turbosmart’s extensive range of turbo tuning products has got you covered.

All items are genuine and come with manufacturers warranty. If there is something you are unable to find here please email us at admin@fafauto.com.