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About us

Our VISION: FAF Automotive evolved from our love of cars and extreme Motorsports. We strive to deliver our customers the latest and greatest automotive products that will personalise each vehicle and convert each customer into a proud owner and advocate of everything FAF Automotive has to offer.

Wherever you may be in the world, you will have confidence in knowing FAF Automotive is on track to be the largest Automotive family the Motorsport industry has ever seen.

We are proud to showcase Motorsport content from around the globe to inspire and motivate our followers.

Our MISSION (Ultimate goal for the company): We will dominate the worldwide automotive scene with quality car parts by 2020 and we declare to continue to evolve and provide only the best to our customers. We will create automotive content from around the globe and share it straight to our fans.

Our VALUES: FAF Automotive is a growing family that has a love for everything Motorsport. We love what we do and we love you, our customers the heart of FAF Automotive. We commit to always being outcome orientated and we strive to be better daily. We are here to assist you in making your car FAF'N great, we want to make your dreams a reality. As a company we strive to always have fun and enjoy everything Motorsports. All our customers are world class we thank you.

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