Export a car from Japan!

Please do not fill out this form unless you are 100% serious about buying a car. Everyone’s time is precious so serious buyers only please.
Have you ever wanted a JDM car but never knew what it had been through? Driven to church on Sunday's and never done a burnout….
FAF Automotive has gone above and beyond to bring you cars straight from Japan. Did you ever want that virgin ‘180sx’? Or to deliver tofu just like ‘Takumi Fujiwara’? We are here to take the hard work out of it, we will find you a car at the auctions and export from Japan. We deal with all major auction houses such as USS, TAA, JU, CAA and many more…
To get started please fill out our form below, we require all the information on the car you would like to acquire from Japan. Tell us your preference for chassis, color, specs, and of course your budget and we’ll get to work for you.
Once you have been able to confirm the make and model of the vehicle you would like we will then find the average price these sell for at the auction and we will get the ball rolling on your new Japanese whip! To get started you will need to pay a 50,000 yen deposit & then the bidding process can start! This ensures trust from both sides, so we know you are serious in obtaining and that our time will be put to good use in finding something for you.
Once an auction is won, you will be required to pay immediately for the remainder of the total. Then the car will be prepared for shipping and will be loaded onto the next available ship heading to your port of choice for you to then pick up at the docks.